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Incredibaly rare original, one-of-a-kind production cel used in the making of the Kanketsuhen Trailer of Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku.  The trailer was used to promote Maison Ikkoku: The Final Chapter (めぞん一刻 完結編, Maison Ikkoku Kanketsu-hen), an animated theatrical film set during the time frame of the final episode of the anime. It was released on February 6, 1988, as a double feature with Urusei Yatsura Movie 5: The Final Chapter. 


You can see the cel here about the 1:08 time.


Maison Ikkoku is based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. This anime series is well known for being one of the most romantic stories in anime.



This key master set-up is beautifully illustrated, and similar to an opening anime cel, the detail, and character design are of a higher level than the movie. Gorgeous, close-up image of Kyoko Otanashi and Yusaku Godai watching a Kitty Films horror movie and eating popcorn. This A1 Tome (END) /B4E/D1/E1 (a true one-of-a-kind) cel comes with unstuck matching original background (the seat is a book background as well). 


Cel is in great condition with some moderate trace line fading as typically found in cels of this vintage. There are staples holding the cels and the background together. There is a small crease on the cel at the right side. Long pan cel size. The image size of Kyoko and Yusaku is 9 inches by 14 inches. The overall cel size is 11 inches by 19 inches. Includes a COA from our gallary. Cel comes protected for shipping in a fresh polypropylene bag.

Maison Ikkoku Anime Cel & Original Background

SKU: B01054
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$5,000.00Sale Price
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