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Original anime production cel and matching pencil (douga) from Golden Boy from Lesson 1 - Computer Studies. Golden Boy was created by Tatsuya Egawa and first presented in Super Jump magazine, the series was brought to life as a six OVA anime with character designs by Toshihiro Kawamoto of Cowboy Bebop fame! It's a must-see for any anime fan!  


Very exciting scene of Kintaro meeting his new boss, Madame President and co-workers at work, T.N. Software company. He is so excited for his first day at this new job! A8 cel. Includes unstuck matching douga pencil drawing and a matching copy background. Cel is in great condition with minor trace line fading as expected in cels of this vintage. Douga is in great condition with very minor damages such as wrinkles/thinning/paint transfer. Image size is 6.25 inches by 4.5 inches. Overall cel size is 11 inches by 13.75 inches. Come protected for shipping in a polypropylene bag.

Golden Boy Anime Cel, Douga, & Copy Background

SKU: 23ST040
$500.00 Regular Price
$399.99Sale Price
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