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A Note on Shipping & Insurance

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

As collectors ourselves, we understand how critical it is for your anime art purchase to arrive safely into your hands. We once purchased an irreplaeable original drawing done by an all-time favorite animator from a collector in France. Due to poor packing and ham-fisted postal workers, it arrived with a hole through the middle. Crushing dissapointment!

To ensure that the anime art you purchase from Soul of Tokyo arrives safely from our gallery we carefully package your original anime artwork before shipping. Even with the most trusted delivery services, it’s difficult to control factors such as handling, weather and shifting during transit.

Safe Packing Steps

Anime cel art safe packaging Jojo cel
1. Cel is placed inside a polypropylene bag and securely taped to the cardboard.

Anime cel safe packing - Jojo cel
2. The other side is closed and taped shut.

Anime cel safe packing - Jojo cel
3. Inner packing sandwich is marked "Fragile."

Anime cel safe packing
4. The cardboard sandwich is wrapped in bubble wrap.

Safe packaging of anime cels for sale
5. Box is secured with heavy-duty packing tape & covered with FRAGILE labels.

Safe packing of anime cels
6. FRAGILE labels are applied to the sides and back of the package.

Anime cel safe packing
7. Larger cels are packed in bigger boxes for protection.

Despite all these efforts, rarely a package will still be damaged or lost in shipping (about 4- or 5 in over twenty-five years of selling via catalog, online and mail order). While money is not a substitute for one-of-a-kind anime art, all orders are fully insured for loss.

We typically send your art out within 24 hours and you will receive a tracking number.

Currently we ship to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan. Please contact us if you live outside of these countries and would like to make a purchase from our gallery.

If you have any questions about shipping, please let us know!

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