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Original, one-of-a-kind production cel used for the making of the 1991 Japanese animated science fiction action comedy thriller written by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo (Robot Carnival, Golden Boy, Blood: The Last Vampire), and art directed by Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue). Roujin Z is set in early 21st century Japan and focuses on the Z-001: a computerized hospital bed with robotic features. It won the 1991 Mainichi Film Award for Animation. It was praised by Roger Ebert, listed in the book 500 Essential Anime, and named one of the best-animated comedies of all time by Anime Insider, and one of the top 50 anime films ever released in North America.


Interesting image of elderly patient Kijuro Takazawa in the high-tech hospital bed Z-001 moving out of control. This four-layer (A2/B2/C2/D2) cel comes with a non-matching copy background from this movie, and a certificate of authenticity. Cel and copy background are stuck together. The cel has some minor traceline fade and scratches on the surface as expected in cels of this vintage. A few specks of paint are missing from Hasegawa's glasses frame. The image size is 6.25 inches by 7.75 inches. The overall size is 9.25 inches by 10.75 inches. Art comes protected for shipping in a fresh polypropylene bag.

Roujin Z Anime Cel & Background

SKU: 21ST115
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$299.99Sale Price
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